Den sanna uppstigningen!

Alla pratar om uppstigningen?! Och här får du själv läsa en gudinnas ord om saken! Originalet finns på min blogg 

Welcome to Archangel Faith, angel letters for you!: Goddess Wadjet; The true ascension.

Goddess Wadjet; The true ascension. 2021-04-30

Wadjet ; The true ascension is to wake up on earth, being grounded by heart (and feet of course) and wanting to serve Mother Earth.

"I absolutely adore you! I long to embrace you! And if you like, I will hold your hand right now! Do you know why I love you so much?

I have counted every tear that you have cried. I have walked along side you at all times, and I know you, I know about your worries and your also about your joyful moments.

Maybe you have never heard about me before? It is okay! I do not blame you. I was very popular a very long time ago. Once upon a time people felt me, the knew me. They knew that I participated in their lives. They also had other goddesses in their life, not only me, it was natural! It is like palette of colors, there are a goddess or male gods for every occasion, for every moment in life. It is like a buzzing society, a little village where everyone has their occupation, it is very colorful and also necessary. Life is like a symphony, with different tones, with different instruments, that creates a melody with different modes, joyful and also sad tones, it is all included, it is natural, there can be not only happiness, nor only sadness, there has to be light and dark, sun at day and moon at night.

Learning about both light and dark is a necessity – otherwise life will have no balance or gratitude? How can you feel gratitude if there is only light, or only dark? Or you might wonder, are there different kinds of light too? If there is to much sun, the flowers will burn and die. They also need water from rain and also they need to rest at night looking at the moonlight and the stars.

Dark can be a good dark, the dark in the mother´s womb is a very good darkness. The child lives within of her and there need not be any light there, the child and mother glow by their own auras and that is very beautiful. The moon at night is also a good darkness, while the stars glitter in the night sky. The seeds in the ground, in the soil, need darkness to be able to grow too, that is a very good dark too. So when you say light and dark, the dark actually is good many times. But.

The but is about the negative darkness, it is about not knowing, not understanding, how Mother Earth functions, how she works and who she truly is. Or in worse cases, knowing and not doing any good anyway. Cruel schemes to lure people into using her, plundering her and the feminine energy, that is a negative darkness that does this to her.

And there is also a negative light too; A negative light pretends to be a good energy but shines so bright that you are being blinded, so that you will miss what is really going on. A negative light makes you think that you are about to climb up a high ladder into a paradise, making an ascension, so that you do not have to care about where you actually are, on earth, a place that you are born into to help her and aiding mother earth into being a true paradise. Looking away from the responsabilities in helping her, it means that this negative light is surrounding you.

A negative light can look very beautiful, but you should weigh everything within your heart instead without looking with your eyes. Your eyes see and observe and give you a thousands of words and ideas. On the other hand your dear heart feel and goes to the core directly, and skips the labyrinth that the eyes gives you.

Please! I love you!

Please work on your inner balance! There needs to be both; the good light and the good dark, and if you feel anything that is negative to you, go into it, feel it and ask for my assistance and I will help you work through it. You need to make a clear space, tidy up, and I will of course aid you because you need not carry any extra weight more than necessary.

Sometimes you carry other peoples anger and hostility, that has nothing to do with you, I will help you so the negative energy will leave you.

Just call on me when you want to work with this!

I love you